Hand-dipped cream centres

Our centres are made with fresh fruit, real butter and cream, real liquors and great chocolate. Each chocolate is hand-dipped and marked to indicate flavour of the centres.

Hand dipped chocolates have 30% chocolate than machine enrobed chocolates – so if you enjoy great chocolate, hand-dipped is your best choice.

Filled chocolates

Our filled chocolates are made by pouring warm chocolate into moulds, letting the chocolate harden and then piping a filing into the mould (fruit, caramel, infused cream or chocolate ganache), and then adding more chocolate.

These are made in very small batches and the fillings depend of the mood of the chocolatiers, what’s in season, and any special customer requests.

Chocolate Bars

We make an assortment of chocolate bars – fruit and nuts, chili, salt-and-pepper, and single-origin bars in varying percentages of cacao.

Our most special is The Ecuador Bar which is made with chocolate that Eric has helped make at the Kallari Cooperative in Ecuador.

We also make Honduran “Bean-to-Bar” Chocolate.  These bars are made with cocoa beans that Eric has bought from Honduras, and roasted and finished on PEI.